Software Engineering

Engineering is at the heart of BABVIP, from the simple, straightforward, and creative UI to the performant, computer science challenges of scaling and running a continuous engineering environment.


Our Values

Engineering is a core part of who we are at BABVIP. We take pride in our software engineering fundamentals and strike a measured balance between getting things done and long-term maintainability. We have a flat structure and a tight team where everyone’s input is valued.

Our Values

Understand the problem

We value understanding the fundamental problems behind everything we do. First, we make sure we’re solving the right problem, then we understand the fundamental engineering principles behind it.

Take the time to teach each other

We actively share our knowledge - through our mentor program, code review culture, BABVIP University, engineering forums, and informally. That means we grow as engineers and unlock our full potential.

Aim for pragmatic excellence

At BABVIP we’re focused on continual improvement, launching, and iterating. That means we pragmatically focus on the technology, features, and fixes we need today, even as we set ambitious goals for the future.

Evaluate ideas based on merit

We’re interested in finding the best solutions possible - not on who has proposed them, or their presentation style. We encourage everyone to pitch in during discussions and always accept feedback objectively.

Focus on the user

The right problem to focus on is always the one that’s most important for the user. We build with the people using BABVIP in mind and go the extra mile to turn a specification into a seamless user experience.

Continually improve engineering

We’re always improving ourselves as a team, from our practises and processes to our skills and culture. We’re building a supportive and diverse team where every engineer can become their best and most productive self.